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Is an enthusiastic alchemist who, from time to time, likes to do a bit of magic. Born in Jalisco, Mexico, she decided to dedicate her life to a constant search for her own personality, which has led her to become a self-taught writer and artist.


With a special weakness for nature, occultism, folk music and a disastrous degree in graphic design, her visual work (a mixed media of photography, oil, and digital painting) has been nationally awarded and exhibited in more than fifty shows around the world.


Her first novel (Nation of the Beasts: The Lord of the Sabbath), first self-published in Spanish and subsequently acquired for its publication in Mexico and the United States, won the Best Fantasy Book of the Year Award by the prestigious Foreword Magazine.


Nowadays, her biggest dream is to get a comfy cabin in the woods and live peacefully happy as creator.

Mariana Palova

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