My artistic work is conceived primarily as a form of self-discovery in an attempt to understand the connection between the external factors that fascinate me (mythology, different occult magic systems, and cultural diversity) with those that lie within me in a primal form (the connection with nature and the interpretation of the spirit).


Although determining my identity through this exploration became the root of my work in its early stages, today, the creation of fantastic beings with their own form of occultism is my current interest, which makes my work a macrocosmic narrative of onirical stories that keep an intimate relationship with reality.


Mostly, the primary material of my technique is the use of my own body, which I capture through the camera and then transmute it through a mixture of photography, traditional painting, and digital painting. The use of this resource, which is not a self-portrait but a loan of meat for the creation of new beings, also serves to maintain an unbreakable and almost maternal connection between me and my work. Transfiguring my body and face to the point of becoming unrecognizable also helps the viewer to perceive the creature in the artwork as an entity different from the woman who tells the story while maintaining a feeling of indecipherable familiarity.


I find in metaphorical reflection, celestial bodies, and occult iconology (especially alchemical) a stimulating way to capture my artistic concepts. And being Mexican, born in a culture immersed in vast and stimulating colors, I find it vital to place an expressive range of tones that vibrate even in the smallest space of each artwork.